International Office


Prof Melissa Araújo Ulhoa Quintão


PhD in Science from the University of São Paulo and Sandwich PhD at the University of Surrey, England (2011). She holds a master's degree in Physiological Sciences from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (2004) and a degree in Physiotherapy from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (2001). He has experience as a teacher since 2002 and in the clinic in the treatment of patients. Participated in research involving human, experimental and public health physiology. She is currently a full professor and member of the ethics committee on animal use at the Educational Union of Vale do Aço and a consultant in the area of ​​occupational health. She works as a professor of medical physiology I and II, in the medical course at the Centro Universitário de Caratinga and is the executive editor of the FUNEC Science Magazine. Acts as a teacher at UNILESTE.

Prof Vinícius Lana Ferreira


Graduated in Physiotherapy at Centro Universitário de Lavras (1999). Master in Family Health from UNESA / RJ. Professor and Extension Coordinator of the medical course at the Metropolitan Institute of Higher Education / UNIVAÇO. Decentralized reference from Minas Gerais to the Ministry of Health's Mais Médicos para Brasil Program. Member of the Medical Schools Monitoring and Monitoring Commission / CAMEM.